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Benefit from scalable solutions

We are specialized in delivering scalable Industrial IoT solutions that help businesses in various industries increase efficiency, reduce costs and connect industrial equipment.

Benefit from <strong>scalable</strong> solutions

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Andreas Hirtenlehner

Managing Director

Lukas Pechhacker

CEO and Co-Founder

Gerald Ebmer

CEO and Co-founder

Jakob Bramauer

Software & IoT Engineer

Josef Wechselauer

Software & Application Engineer

Pia Weinhart


Bernhard Lutzer

Business Development

How we started

We started HEAP Engineering in 2018 as an Engineering Services provider to deliver custom solutions to our clients in the fields of Automation, Embedded Systems and IoT. Over the years, we have become increasingly focused in the field Industrial IoT to better serve our customers. The development of our Industrial IoT platform hopit is another step in the direction of Industrial IoT.

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